WHS Consulting – why it’s important for your business

Read time: 2 mins

Consulting with workers and their representatives on health and safety matters is a legal requirement under Workplace Health and Safety laws.

One of the many ways you can do this is by having regular toolbox talks on safety matters relating to your business that include updated working practices, changes in WHS laws, required safety checklists before they drive or meeting subcontracted transport company requirements.

What is a toolbox talk?

Worker safety should always be the number one priority of every transport Company big or small. Safety meetings and toolbox talks should be conducted on a regular basis to educate workers on safe work practices and stay compliant with regulations regarding safety and training.

Safety meetings and toolbox talks are important to building a strong safety culture and reinforcing your company’s commitment to protecting your workers. Holding regular safety meetings and toolbox talks can prevent workers from getting complacent and avoid taking safety for granted.

These meetings and talks are also the perfect time to introduce new safety policies and procedures you are implementing as well as to provide training on new safety rules and regulations in order to stay compliant with state and federal OSHA standards.

What resources do you need?

1. Toolbox factsheet outlining the topic of discussion

2. Sign off sheet – all attendees sign and acknowledge they attended

3. Policy – provision of access for new policies introduced other than the one discussed in the toolbox meeting

6 Keys to a Successful Toolbox Talk

  • Keep it short. Toolbox talks should be around 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Focus on one topic relevant to the work being done that day.
  • Get workers involved by asking questions or having them demonstrate safe work practices.
  • Be sure to cover changes to the site or working conditions.
  • Have employees inspect tools, equipment, and PPE.

Allow for questions and answers at the end of the toolbox talk.