COVID-19 Updates

Business management and costs

Landside Port Charges are Rising and Transport Operators are Taking the Hit

As any transport operator who regularly loads or unloads at a port would know stevedore charges have never been higher.

Government Points NatRoad Board to Favourable Tax Laws

The instant asset write-off allows eligible businesses to claim an immediate deduction for costs relating to depreciating assets, including vehicles and equipment.

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Ensure you have a COVIDSafe Workplan

In line with the soon-to-be adopted national Freight Movement Code for the Domestic Border Controls – Freight Movement Protocol (the Code) and as part of a key strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-1...

Webinar on Protecting Workforce with Technology

WEBINAR: Tips for Protecting Your Workforce with Technology

Protecting your key assets, your people and your resources, is a priority for all businesses right now. Technology can play a key role in enabling your drivers to be more mobile, communicate with your...

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5 key things employers should know about JobKeeper

The JobKeeper legislation made some important changes to the Fair Work Act.  These changes are in place until the end of 27 September 2020. If they need to be extended a review will occur in mid-July....