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NatRoad plays a significant role in working to represent the road transport industry by making formal submissions to various governing bodies across Australia. These submissions cover a wide range of policy issues and aim to improve the industry operating environment.

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Working groups

NatRoad ensures members have a voice through set-up and management of working groups. These working groups guide policy submissions and general advocacy activity in areas of safety, regulation and industrial relations. Our current working groups include:

Safety & workforce

The most vital part of our industry are our people. This group provides feedback on road safety, industry safety, skills, training and workforce wellbeing.

Better roads & rest areas

Our roads and rest areas are a driver’s workplace, and are fundamental to improving safety, wellbeing and productivity. This group provides feedback on what road and rest area upgrades are needed.

Economics & infrastructure

Taxation and quality infrastructure is essential to road transport efficiency. This group provides feedback on taxation, road user charges, economic efficiency and infrastructure.

Regulation & compliance

The road transport industry one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country. This group provides feedback on the practical impact of regulation on operators and better road access approvals.


Towards net zero carbon emissions has been legislation and our industry needs to ensure there is a cost-effective transition strategy to get there. This group provides input to policy and advocacy work NatRoad undertakes.  

If you are a member and would like to be a part of a working group call NatRoad on 1800 272 144.

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Research Centre

We aim to provide progressive leadership for the industry, led by data and insight. We recognise that research is a critical part of improving sector conditions, wellbeing and longevity. Here you will find reports and summaries of our research and studies.