NatRoad advocates and lobbies for law reform and policy change in relation to relevant issues affecting the heavy vehicle industry. We do this by providing submissions to government on policy, playing an active role on government committees and representing our members’ interests.

Our advocacy action plan:

Our advocacy and action agenda is informed by the NatRoad Parliament and our regular member feedback and guided by three strategic priority areas:

  1. Strengthening our safety culture Safety will always be a key priority for the road transport industry. We have a responsibility to ensure we operate safely and look for ways to continually improve our safety practices for our well being, for our businesses and for the community.
  2. Supporting steps to national harmonisation Everyday NatRoad receives calls on a range of matters pointing towards the need for greater national consistency in regulation. Through the National Transport Commission and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator there are steps underway to improve consistency in heavy vehicle regulations.
  3. Keeping trucking businesses competitive Strengthening the industry starts at the door of each of our trucking businesses. We want to support trucking businesses to be resilient, competitive, thriving businesses with relevant industry advice on the matters that impact the bottom line, trustworthy workplace relations, business tools and other benefits that make a difference.

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