Driving Health – Our duty of care

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Truck drivers did what had to be done during the pandemic to keep vital supplies moving across Australia. Yet, Monash University’s Driving Health Study research highlights the significant and disproportionate health crisis facing Australian truck drivers, who account for 1 in 33 Australian men.

The findings revealed high levels of obesity, chronic pain and psychological distress among Australian truck drivers, demonstrated by:

  • 1 in 5 drivers aged < 35 reports severe psychological distress, compared to 1 in 9 Australian men of the same age.
  • Over half of the drivers are obese, compared to the national average of 32.5%.
  • Most common medical conditions are:
    • Back problems 34.5%
    • High blood pressure 25.8%
    • Mental health problems 19.4%
  • More than 1/3 of drivers report pain lasting >12 months.
  • Drivers with 3+ health conditions are at increased odds of experiencing a crash.
  • Truck drivers are 13 times more likely to die at work than other workers.

Driving Health Project

This Project aims to develop evidence-based strategies to improve the health of Australian truck drivers and put together a list of helpful resources to help support truck driver health and well-being, including:

  • Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds – download the app – a one-stop shop for truck drivers
  • Mindspot – A digital mental health clinic – free check-in
  • Physical Health – Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Alcohol Use Disorder, risk checker
  • Health in Gear – free and confidential support services from someone who “gets” truckies

A: Driving Health Webinar Series

The Driving Health team hosted a series of online webinars to present key findings from the Driving Health project, looking into the health and well-being of Australian truck drivers. Click here to watch.

B: Driving Health Allocator Training (DHAT)

DHAT is a FREE resource developed by the Monash University Driving Health team, targeted towards truck driver allocators, supervisors and line managers. The overarching goal of the DHAT is to increase awareness and understanding among allocators, line managers and supervisors about the factors they can impact or control to support and improve the health and well-being of drivers in their company. Click here to register for free.

C: Project Resources:

Download these helpful and free resources:

Our Duty of Care

We all know that the cab of a truck is a workplace. Every person in the workplace has a general duty of care to ensure that every person is safe. Managers have a primary responsibility of care to ensure a safe workplace for all persons. Employers are encouraged to promote driver access to health & well-being resources and should consider registering for this helpful and free training program.