Media Release: NatRoad joins the International Road Transport Union (IRU)

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NatRoad, the largest national association for the Australian road transport industry, has joined IRU as its newest member.

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) is a not-for-profit association that supports Australian road transport operators.

Its members represent all sectors of the industry, such as general freight, road trains, livestock, express, car carriers as well as tankers and refrigerated operators.

IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto said, “We’re very happy to welcome NatRoad into the IRU family. With a history spanning 75 years, they play a critical role in improving the industry and operating environment for all Australian road transport operators. We look forward to helping them further expand the critical services they provide to Australian operators, supply chains and, by extension, society at large.”

“The global IRU network will surely benefit from NatRoad’s extensive knowledge in improving sector conditions as well as in sustainability and environmental matters, particularly eco-trucks, given Australia’s long experience with road trains,” he added.

NatRoad CEO Warren Clark said, “We’re delighted to join IRU and tap into their international perspective and expertise. Our key priorities are to help our members and create the conditions for a thriving, safe and profitable road transport industry in Australia, and joining IRU will only further these objectives.”

“Our commitment to safety, efficiency, sustainability and industry best practices aligns perfectly with the values upheld by IRU. We particularly look forward to working with IRU’s global network of national associations and leading international road transport companies to exchange on decarbonisation avenues and best practices,” he added.

NatRoad has been supporting the road transport industry for 75 years and remains the largest, national association for the road transport industry in Australia. With members in every Australian state and territory, it has 2,000 members that together employ over 15,000 employees.