NatRoad News: New laws up the ante on workplace bullies and harassment from 12 December 

NatRoad workplace reforms road transport employer's duty

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Law changes next month will make it an employer’s positive duty to take reasonable and proportionate measures to eliminate unlawful sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. Are you ready? 

The Federal Government changes to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) take effect from 12 December 2023 and will give the Australian Human Rights Commission new powers to investigate and enforce the laws. 

They put the onus on employers to proactively put robust systems in place. It’s no longer good enough to simply respond to allegations. 

NatRoad recommends the following steps proportionate to the size of your business:  

• Ensure all employees have access to tailored training about bullying and sexual harassment 

• Have a clear reporting process in place 

• Make sure you have workplace policies that prevent bullying and sexual harassment and allow early intervention and reporting 

• Equip people in leadership positions with authority to take action against bullying and sexual harassment if they see it 

• Make wellbeing and support measures readily available to affected employees. 

You can find Respect at Work resources here. If you need more detailed assistance, call a NatRoad advisor on 1800 272 144 or email [email protected]