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Be sure to tell your insurance broker you are a NatRoad member to gain access to additional insurance benefits.

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NTI Benefits for NatRoad Members

Be sure to tell your insurance broker you are a NatRoad member to gain access to additional insurance benefits. It’s that simple – let NTI do the rest.  

NatRoad members enjoy additional insurance benefits with NTI including:

  • Waiving additional Age excess on Prime Movers, Rigid Trucks & Trailers
  • Agreed Value basis of settlement
  • Non-Dangerous Goods liability is increased to $35 million (an increase of $2.5 million)
  • Automatic inclusion of additional insured property is increased to 90 days, up from 45 days

Along with the immediate commencement of repairs through our Premium Repairer network you also receive other increases and benefits for you and your drivers in the event of an incident:

  • Cost of repatriating driver is increased to $7,500 (up from $5,000)
  • Emergency repairs limit is increased to $10,000 (up from $5,000)
  • Average / underinsurance condition is deleted

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About NTI

With over 45 years’ experience, National Transport Insurance (NTI) is Australia’s Number One Truck Insurer, delivering premium insurance solutions to single commercial vehicle operators, fleet owners and off-road operators, alongside NTI’s renowned specialty lines – Yellow Cover, Marine Protect and Truck Assist.

We offer innovative and market-leading insurance products, via our multi-award-winning claims service, including NTI Accident Assist, and access to an unrivalled national network of NTI accredited Premium Repairers.

Our experts have a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges Australian transport operators face and share a commitment to getting businesses back up and running because many have first-hand transport industry experience.

NTI has long played a role in supporting research and road safety for all road users through working alongside industry regulators & government agencies and establishing the internationally recognised National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC) which provides critical data and insight into serious heavy vehicle crashed via the Major Accident Investigation Report.

NTI is a proud supporter of NatRoad and its’ predecessors since 1978. This commitment extends beyond sponsorship to backing association members with exclusive insurance products, from which we return up to 1% of insurance costs, at no extra cost to members, directly back to NatRoad.

So, if you’re with us, make sure your broker has let us know you’re a proud NatRoad member.

And, if you’re not already with NTI for your transport and marine insurance needs, ask your broker for a quote – and make sure they let us know you’re a NatRoad member, for access to your associated benefits!

Investing in the Industry

As an association member insured with NTI, not only is your business and livelihood protected by Australia’s leading commercial motor insurer, up to 1% of your insurance premium is invested back into the transport industry through your association, at no cost to you.

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