The end of 3G: why now is the time to switch

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Article by Teletrac Navman

Moving from 3G-only devices to 4G and 5G-enabled tech might feel like a “not right now” problem for busy business leaders preoccupied with driver shortages, ever increasing costs and getting on with the job of delivering.

However, if you consider that thousands of businesses across Australia will need to migrate – not just in the transport industry but across every sector – demand for 4G and 5G-enabled tech will increase as we approach the June 2024 cut-off date.

Accessing installation resources and upgraded tech could make it a “right now” problem that kicking it down the road puts your business out of touch.

As more people move to 4G and 5G services, 3G is becoming a relic. Providers will (or are) gradually closing their 3G networks, so these devices will stop functioning and come June 2024, when Telstra closes its 3G network, Australia’s shift to advanced networks will be complete.

Besides, if you’re still on 3G, you’re missing out. Transition to 4G and 5G-enabled tech offers more speed and connectivity and creates opportunities to streamline and improve efficiency. And at Teletrac Navman, we can help make the switch easy.

Now is the time to switch

In the transport industry, connected devices (including telematics systems) are essential to keeping your operation moving smoothly. They help you communicate with your staff, monitor safety and fatigue, ensure compliance, optimise workflow, track vehicles and assets and more.

While smartphones will be a primary concern during the 3G closure, any device that communicates via a SIM card will be affected. This means your in-vehicle technologies as part of your fleet management solution will need to be migrated.

To keep the benefits of your connected devices and telematics systems, it’s best to start the migration process as early as possible.

More connectivity, more productivity, more possibilities

As your fleet takes on day-to-day activities, two-way communication via satellite communications, even in remote locations, ensures connectivity for your team. This ‘always-on’ connection to the office means your workforce can reach each other in emergency circumstances.

When you have information split across different systems, effective fleet management is challenging but technology that integrates all your business systems provides all the insights you need at a glance. Accurately measure inputs like payloads and targets compared to actual output and understand where you can improve operations to lower costs and lift productivity.

Teletrac Navman can make the shift easy

Our team works on end-to-end deployment and implementation of solutions to help customers monitor, measure, improve, and deliver complete customer satisfaction. Industry solution specialists consult with you to generate insights specific to your sector and organisation, ensuring the technology delivers on your objectives.

The team has specific experience across mining, construction, health, fast moving goods and transport, for successful deployment of large fleets and enterprise projects.

We also help you to measure ROI and derive significant cost savings from reduced fuel usage, less vehicle wear and tear, lower maintenance costs and safer drivers.

If you haven’t already started to assess your devices, identify your needs, and set a timeline for migration, there is no better time than now. Start preparing by engaging with your current telematics provider or local Teletrac Navman dealer to discuss any transition required. Find more information on our website, or contact your Teletrac Navman Customer Success Specialist.