Working Groups

Currently there are five working groups that are consulted for input into formal submissions and to assist with the formulation of policy.

Owner Driver

This working group provides an opportunity for Owner Drivers to provide input and feedback directly to NatRoad in a constructive environment.

Heavy Vehicle Recovery

This group provides vital feedback on issues associated with towing heavy vehicles.

Economics & Infrastructure

Good quality infrastructure is an essential element in the efficient conduct of the road transport industry. Feedback on issues associated with economic efficiency and the planning for infrastructure development are matters this group considers.

Regulation & Compliance

The road transport industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the economy. The practical impact of regulation on Members’ operations is a focal point for this group.

Road Train & High Productivity Freight Vehicle

The Road Train and High Productivity Freight Vehicle working group assists NatRoad to get higher productivity vehicles recognised for their lessened impact on the environment and deals with technical issues associated with their approval and road access.