Who is NatRoad?

What We Do

With a proud history dating back to 1948, NatRoad is the largest Australian road freight transport association, representing the interests of the industry and its members. NatRoad is a not-for-profit association that is 100% funded through membership fees and business partnerships. No funding is provided by government or unions.

We work with members, partners, and associate members to improve the working environment for all road freight transport operators. We provide business advice, business savings and more to help you navigate the road to success. We will always put you first to make sure you are across changes in the industry and everything else you need to know about the complex world of road freight transport.


Member Advice

NatRoad provides human resources and industrial relations guidance, through our Member Services team, with a core focus on modern awards, employment, and compliance issues.

We send out fortnightly newsletters to our Members to give the most up-to-date industry information on issues that affect them. There is also a wealth of information offered by NatRoad in the form of webinars. Monthly webinars hosted by NatRoad range from dangerous goods, fuel excise, calculating leave provisions to PBS, Road Safety Action Plan, assessing fitness to drive and more. Presented by industry experts, including NatRoad’s in-house Advisors, attendees can ask questions live during the webinar. All webinars are recorded and uploaded to the NatRoad website for post-event viewing.


Lobbying, or “political persuasion” is also an important element of the work done at NatRoad. We contact government officials and bureaucrats as well as politicians in many ways: by writing, emailing, texting, phoning, using electronic media to consult, giving formal evidence to inquiries, or meeting in person in Parliament House or at government departments to meet the people who make or influence decisions that affect Members’ industry landscape.

Business Savings

NatRoad industry Partners are committed to supporting the road transport industry. A great range of NatRoad Partner offers, including discounts and savings, are available for NatRoad Members to assist them on and off the road.

National Road Transport Association was formed in 1994 when the Long Distance Road Transport Association (started in 1948) and the National Transport Federation (started in 1986) decided to combine their respective strengths. From this partnership, NatRoad has developed into Australia’s leading Association for long-distance and regionally based road transport operators. In 2008, NatRoad merged with the Australian Road Train Association to create the largest and most powerful grassroots national representative organisation in Australia.