An update from our insurance partner NTI

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In response to the uncertainty that COVID-19 is presenting to the industry, NatRoad Platinum Partner, NTI, is making it easier for their policy holders to adapt to these difficult times.  If policy holders’ vehicles have to deviate routes or work outside of usual radius limits, simply let your broker/AR know if you can, and NTI will provide cover.

Additionally, laid up cover is available to support policy holders with vehicles, or equipment, that aren’t currently operating.

NTI is also offering an in-house team of repair managers who are fully equipped and experienced in conducting virtual assessments using smartphones, tablets and more. NTI is committed to ensuring that it’s full steam ahead with minimal impacts to assessments and repairs.  

They have strong manufacturer relationships and the internal expertise in their parts specialist team is on hand to help you. The constant contact that they have with vehicle and equipment manufacturers and dealerships also ensure that they maintain a market-leading access to replacement parts from the original manufacturers.

NTI continues to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you experience an incident, please contact NTI Accident Assist via 1800 684 669.  The NTI team is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with claims management, as well as trauma counselling and support.

NTI is committed to offering these initiatives until 1st July 2020, but will look to extend beyond this date if appropriate.