Check Your Route Before You Start Your Journey | Conditions of Operation Database for QLD

All oversize overmass heavy vehicles/combinations travelling on state-controlled roads in Queensland must comply with the Conditions of Operation Database.

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All oversize overmass heavy vehicles/combinations travelling on state-controlled roads in Queensland must comply with the Conditions of Operation Database.

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The Conditions of Operation Database is a database of road, structure and travel conditions and restrictions maintained by TMR.

Conditions and restrictions may include:

  • bridge and roadside furniture clearances
  • curfews and closures
  • mass restrictions for bridges and culverts
  • roadworks, lane closures and detours
  • Traffic Management Plan requirements.

The conditions and restrictions in the database have been compiled from the most recent information practically available. All care is taken in providing this information. However, due care still needs to be taken when operating vehicles, particularly those in excess of regulation mass and/or dimension.

Check your route before you start your journey
You must check the Conditions of Operation Database before you start your journey.

Conditions can change quickly
We are continuously monitoring, assessing and reviewing our roads, bridges and culverts across Queensland. Conditions can change quickly, particularly due to weather. Restrictions are implemented to maintain ongoing safety for all road users.

Your responsibility under the Heavy Vehicle National Law
It is your responsibility to make sure you’re using up-to-date information when you assess the suitability of your route.

Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation
Schedule 8, Part 1, Division 1 – 11 Assessing routes

(1) Before a class 1 heavy vehicle is driven along any route, its driver and operator must be satisfied that the route has been assessed and that the vehicle can be driven along it without contravening subsection (2).

(2) A class 1 heavy vehicle must not be driven along a route if to do so would be likely to cause—
​(a) disruption to telecommunication, electricity, rail, gas, water or sewage services (relevant services); or
(b) damage to a road (including a bridge), structure, rail crossing or tree (relevant property).

(3) Subsection (2) does not apply if the entity responsible for the relevant services or relevant property has given permission for the vehicle to travel along the route, and the vehicle is driven in accordance with the permission.

(4) To remove any doubt, it is declared that a mass or dimension exemption is not permission for the purpose of subsection (3).

Find the Conditions of Operation Database on our website
Visit and select Business and Industry > Heavy vehicles > Queensland excess mass and dimensions > Conditions of Operation Database.

Further information and resources
QLDTraffic provides state-wide information on road conditions, including incidents and hazards, closures and restrictions, roadworks and special events. The website also provides access to web cameras that relay near real-time traffic imagery. Visit the website, download the app or call 13 19 24 to report an incident or get real-time traffic reports.

Bridge and culvert restrictions interactive maps are updated regularly. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when changes are made to the bridge and culvert restrictions.

Queensland Access Condition Guide provides conditions for the movement of oversize heavy vehicles and combinations carrying indivisible items, special purpose vehicles and special purpose combinations.

Do you have questions?
If you have questions about the Conditions of Operation Database or need help planning your journey call the Heavy Vehicle Access team on 07 3066 5511 or email [email protected].