Road freight transport's transition to 'net zero'

At NatRoad, we are committed to supporting our members and industry to remain commercially viable and sustainable. To help the transport industry on the decarbonisation journey we are working in 3 key areas:

Being a voice into government to advocate for our industry.

Provide education information for operators.

Provide practical tools for members.

Get fleet fit Initiative

Get fleet fit is designed to guide truck operators towards improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and alignment with future  government regulations and customer expectations. As the industry and nation moves towards a net zero future, we are here to ensure you are fully equipped to meet these challenges head-on.

Why get fleet fit?

As regulatory pressures mount and the global push towards sustainability intensifies, the trucking industry must adapt swiftly to remain competitive and compliant. Get fleet fit provides a clear, actionable plan to help you meet regulatory requirements and boost your business’s bottom line through increased efficiency and potentially lower operational costs.

To assist, we’ve created a five-step plan for your business.

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Read our guides to Get fleet fit

We’re in This Together
NatRoad isn’t just about providing resources; we’re about building a community of forward-thinking truck operators. Together, we can tackle the challenges of today and pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. 

For members
In partnership with Mov3ment consulting, if you need support through the process of managing and measuring your carbon emissions, you can get a 30 minute-free initial consultation. Call NatRoad on 1800 272 144 to find out more.

If you are a large fleet looking for step-by-step video support including an emissions calculator, access this content via the Member Resources – Partner Content. It has been developed with the kind support of NatRoad Platinum Partner Bridgestone.

NatRoad's White Paper on Road Transport Decarbonisation

Late last year, NatRoad called on the Federal Government to commit to a $3.5 billion fund to support the truck industry’s decarbonisation.

Our call for a Clean Transport Fund can be found in our Australian road freight transport decarbonisation industry whitepaper. It draws on local and global research, and experience on the shift to low emission road freight vehicles and operations.

It advocates for a mix of financing and direct incentives to drive the move towards alternative fuels like electricity, hydrogen, and low emission trucks.

More decarbonisation resources

Check out MOV3MENT Road to Zero document, sharing some of our insights on the best pathway forward for reducing emissions in road freight.