How Amplify Diesel HD cut fuel use by 4% for a national transport fleet

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The Mission

Heavy vehicles are the backbone of the road freight transport industry – a time and cost-sensitive business that must deliver under tight deadlines. As a result, fleet owners aim for reduced operating costs and emissions by maintaining the fleet in optimal condition.

Fuel injector efficiency

Engine efficiency slows as deposits form on parts of fuel injectors. The Worldwide Fuel Charter1 states that engine performance over time depends largely on the cleanliness of the injectors. Clogged injectors lead to irregular fuel flow, increased noise, rough running, power loss and an inability to start. Associated impacts include oil dilution, EGR line fouling, increased CO2 emissions, and reductions in the efficiency and durability of emission control systems.

Ampol answers the challenge

Ampol developed Amplify Diesel HD in Australia to keep HD engines running clean. The third-gen formulation has been thoroughly tested under the harshest working conditions.

The road freight trial took place over two periods of three months in 2021 and 2022. Under the supervision of the truck manufacturer, Scania, we observed from the workshop of a major national road transport provider.

The Action

To compare Amplify Diesel HD to regular diesel fuel, we used two Scania 620 NTG Euro VI trucks operating from the customer’s Victorian depot.

After 5-6 weeks of collecting regular diesel baseline fuel consumption, each test truck’s fuel tank was treated with a single dose of Ampol Amplify Diesel HD Injector Cleaner to accelerate the injector cleaning process. From week seven, the test truck switched to Amplify Diesel HD for five weeks.

For consistency, trucks were only refuelled at the depot, kept the same drivers and covered similar mileage under similar load conditions. Throughout the trial, a second truck remained on regular diesel to act as a control. The customer supplied ECU fuel consumption data from both vehicles to Ampol for analysis.

The Result

After an initial dose of Ampol Amplify Diesel Injector Cleaner and five weeks using Ampol Amplify Diesel HD, the average fuel consumption for the test truck across both trial periods decreased by an average of 4% (see Appendix 1 and below).

The Bottom Line

Amplify Diesel HD maximises the performance and efficiency of modern heavy-duty diesel engines.

  •  Fuel efficiency improvements from an improved combustion process.
  • Amplify Diesel HD cleans diesel injectors and lowers CO2 emissions.

Amplify Diesel HD also delivers long-term benefits not specifically measured in this trial, including:

  •  Corrosion inhibitors in the fuel protect the engine from the formation of abrasive rust particles
  •  Foam inhibitors in the fuel allow for faster and cleaner refuelling.


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  1. Graph

2. Trial No.1 – completed Q4 2021

3. Trial No. 2 – completed Q2 2022

* Fuel consumption was calculated using the ECU data captured and distributed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Note that all the results may vary depending on the engine itself, environmental conditions, and other factors such as variability in engine load factor and driver’s behaviour.