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HVNL Review Sets New Course

NatRoad continues to engage with the National Transport Commission (NTC) on the ongoing review of the HVNL. At the outset of the review, the NTC acknowledged that the current law is not fit for purpose. That situation becomes increasingly worse as time goes by, particularly with the annual increase in the amount for infringement and penalty notices, particularly for trivial offences, that will occur from 1 July 2021.

Following a meeting of all Transport Ministers, the HVNL process will focus on a two-year HVNL Safety and Productivity Program to implement reform outcomes. This work includes finalising detailed policy advice on fatigue management, access, increased use of higher productivity vehicles, assurance schemes, duties and driver health to deliver the future Heavy Vehicle National Law by May 2023. The updated law will be based on a new, risk-management focussed operator assurance framework, and the NTC has told NatRoad that this framework aims to offers simplicity for those who need it and flexibility for those who seek it. The details relating to this framework will be critical.

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