Make every day Back Up Day

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Fun fact: March 31 is World Back Up Day.

It’s when the global technology industry reminds the world that it needs to safely and securely back up its data.

Everybody and everything seem to have their own designated day. But heavy vehicle operators need to consider the safety of their business information seriously – and not just once a year.

The consequences of losing data like customer information or payroll records because it has not been backed up remotely and securely, preferably in the cloud, can be devastating.

NatRoad partner and Australia’s largest transport and logistics insurer, NTI, is urging Members to make every day a data back up day, particularly with the prevalence of floods in many areas of Australia right now.

NTI’s Logistics Risk Engineer, Kurt Herron says every Member should have a well communicated Business Continuity Plan which details how to keep a business running when the unexpected happens.

More details here and, as always, NatRoad’s advisers are available to assist.