Mandatory reporting of positive COVID-19 tests

COVID-19 Test

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Important message for all members with operations in Victoria.

A new regulation was made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic) on Tuesday 28 July 2020.

The Occupational Health and Safety (COVID-19 Incident Notification) Regulation 2020, requires owner drivers (and other self-employed persons) and employers in Victoria to notify WorkSafe of any positive COVID-19 tests or confirmed coronavirus cases at their workplace immediately after becoming aware of a person testing positive.

In such circumstance members need to:

  • notify WorkSafe immediately upon becoming aware of the case, by the fastest means possible;
  • provide written notification to WorkSafe within 48 hours of first being required to notify WorkSafe, using the form published on WorkSafe’s website; and
  • ensure that the workplace (or the part of it) that the person attended is not disturbed – other than for the purpose of protecting the health or safety of a person or taking essential action to make the site safe or to prevent a further occurrence of an incident – until a WorkSafe inspector arrives at the site or such other time as a WorkSafe inspector directs.

Please be aware that failure to notify WorkSafe about positive COVID-19 tests or confirmed coronavirus cases attending workplaces in the infectious period now face a fine of up to $39,652 for individuals and $198,264 for a body corporate.

Members should notify WorkSafe through its advisory service on 13 23 60.