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Our readers are invested in the transport industry. They like their trucks, they travel the roads, and they spend their days moving freight around the country, navigating the rules and regulations of the day, to keep the wheels of the Australian economy turning.

 NatRoad’s strong history of advocating for a fair go on behalf of transport operators, for fighting the simplification of rules and regulations, and for reminding those in power of the important role the road transport industry plays in the nation’s freight task is well aligned to the sentiments of our readers and the needs of the industry they serve.

We share a vision of a successful and safe road transport industry that celebrates the people and organisations who invest their time, energy, and talent into ensuring goods are transported to where they need to go as efficiently and productively as possible. Together, we can continue to advocate for the industry and provide a vital voice for those who work within it.

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Complementary annual print subscription to Deals on Wheels & PowerTorque magazine to NatRoad members.

Deals on Wheels and PowerTorque are proud to partner with NatRoad as we work together to support and grow the road transport industry, the organisations and the people who work within it.

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