See how much you are saving on Ampol fuel with NatRoad Membership

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See how much you are saving on Ampol fuel with your NatRoad Membership discount by setting up your myAmpol Portal. Just follow the simple instructions below.

Want to know exactly how much you have saved on fuel? myAmpol has a report for this too! Here’s how you can access the report:

  • Step 1: Log into myAmpol and navigate to ‘Fuel Cards’
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Reports’
  • Step 3: Select on the ‘RUN MY REPORTS’
  • Step 4: Under the list of “Reports available to run”, select ‘Account Transaction Detail Report’

The report has the flexibility to run within a specified date range. Within the report, the “PumpPrice” column displays the price at the pump on the transaction day, while the “UnitPrice” column reflects the price after applying fuel discounts. By calculating the difference between these two columns, you can determine the total discount received during each transaction.

Other reporting options with myAmpol Portal:

  • Account Dashboard Snapshot – get a year-to-date view of all card activity, card controls, monthly fuel, monthly non-fuel sales and more. 
  • FuelPay® usage – monitor individual cardholders use of FuelPay via the Ampol app.  
  • Non-fuel spend exception reports – monitor transactions for a selected cardholder for non-fuel transactions.
  • Emissions reporting – a detailed or summary report is available that lists fuel purchases and resulting estimated CO2 emissions by vehicle. 

Get in touch – we’re here to help! 

Click here to read more about myAmpol. If you need any further assistance in accessing or navigating the site – please give our Customer Service team a call on 1300 784 009 or email [email protected]