Tasmania launched COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Framework

COVID Safe Workplaces Framework

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Members should be aware that the Tasmanian Government has launched the COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Framework to support businesses and workplaces to continue to operate or reopen while protecting Tasmania’s health and safety.

Plans must be in place by 15 June 2020 and guidelines for the industry are in development and are due by 01 June.

Under the Framework, minimum standards have been developed in consultation with Public Health. These minimum standards will be established in new regulations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012. Businesses will need to be able to demonstrate how they comply with the minimum standards and the attached link provides information on how businesses will be able to do this, including templates for COVID-19 Safety Plans.

As part of the Framework, to support business in the development of COVID-19 Safety Plans, Safe Workplace Guidelines are being developed for many industries, including for Transport, Freight and Logistics.  The guidelines are intended to be a practical guide on how workplaces can meet the minimum standards. The specific details of these guidelines are being worked through currently.

Natroad will provide further updates as needed.

Read more about the new requirements and access COVID-19 Safety Plans templates and tools on the TAS Worksafe website.