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When is it mandatory to carry a fire extinguisher?

Concept man using fire extinguisher fighting fire closeup

NatRoad recently has a query about when heavy vehicle operators must carry fire extinguishers.  The answer is:

Under the HVNL there are no mandatory requirements, but there are some under State laws and the Australian Design Rules (ADRs):

  • Tow trucks – ADR44 requires every tow truck to be fitted with a fire extinguisher. This is also a requirement for tow truck licencing under most jurisdictional tow truck laws.
  • Motorhomes and caravans – ADR44 requires every caravan and motorhome to be fitted with a fire extinguisher.
  • Buses – buses used for hire and reward are required to be fitted with a fire extinguisher under ADR58.
  • Dangerous Goods vehicles – State DG laws require vehicles carrying DG to be fitted with certain types and sizes of fire extinguishers.

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