Court order sends a message on awards and entitlements

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A $19,000 win for the Fair Work Ombudsman against an Adelaide road freight operator, who ignored a compliance notice about employee backpay, sends a warning to all employers to check their awards and entitlements.

The Federal Circuit and Family Court imposed the penalties against a company and its Sole Director after finding there had been a failure to comply with a Fair Work Commission compliance notice requiring wage and entitlements for a payroll manager it had employed.

Although the issue pre-dated changes to workplace laws, the Fair Work Commission has put small businesses with 20 or more employees on notice that they could be subject to action if they have an expired enterprise agreement.

That could involve past employee payments and entitlements and result in an expensive bill.

If you are in any doubt about the status of your EBA or are concerned you may have outstanding payments on your books, contact a NatRoad Adviser.