Electronic Work Diaries Approved for Use

Truck driver resting

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NatRoad congratulates Teletrac Navman for obtaining the first formal approvals to release Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs).

While the industry has long used EWDs for managing driver work and rest within transport organisations, written diaries were still required to prove compliance with fatigue laws. The NHVR’s approval signifies a significant milestone for both Teletrac Navman and the wider transport industry.

The voluntary use of an EWD eliminates the risks associated with written diaries, including lost or damaged documents. It takes away guesswork, ensuring erroneous or inaccurate data isn’t used for reporting or compliance purposes. EWDs also simplify record keeping for drivers and provide better toolsets for them to understand their capacity to work or need for rest. For a new generation of tech-savvy drivers, digital-first solutions will offer a simpler, more efficient experience.

“An EWD is a solution used to record and monitor driver work and rest times as a voluntary replacement to the written work diary. And the reason operators will welcome today’s announcement is because it’s only EWDs approved by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) that can be used for regulatory purposes.” Said NatRoad CEO Warren Clark.

“We are particularly pleased that NatRoad partner Teletrac Navman is at the forefront.”