Expanding Pathways to reduce emissions in heavy vehicles

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NatRoad has labelled the CCA’s issue review on expanding pathways to reduce emissions in heavy vehicles a missed opportunity to the limited scope.

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Executive Summary

  • NatRoad believes the Climate Change Authority’s has missed an opportunity to truly reduce overall emissions and costs in the long term, due to the limited scope of their paper.
  • Our submission calls for diversity in the approach to this issue, including a mix of technology solutions in trucking to help reach the nation’s 2035 emission targets.
  • In addition, small trucking businesses need a cost-effective pathway to lower emissions.

Overview to reduce emissions in heavy vehicles

As part of our commitment to providing frank and fearless advice to the government, NatRoad has called the limited scope of the Climate Change Authority’s (CCA) review on reducing carbon emissions from heavy vehicles a missed opportunity. Our recent submission shows that by focussing outside of just electric and hydrogen fuel cell technologies more could be done to reduce emissions and costs in trucking.

Australia’s unique road freight industry, with its diverse range of tasks, requires a mix of technology solutions. While electric and hydrogen vehicles hold promise, they are not the complete solution. Renewable diesel and improved operational efficiencies must be included in the strategy to reduce emissions effectively.

We have stressed the importance of a cost-effective transition strategy for the predominantly small business-operated road freight sector. Government policies should offer a range of options, enabling operators to select the most suitable solutions for their specific needs. This approach will facilitate a smoother transition to a low-emissions future while maintaining economic viability.

NatRoad continues to advocate for comprehensive pathways and supportive policies to achieve meaningful emissions reductions in the road freight sector. For more details, visit our submission or contact us directly.

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