NatRoad greets Kanofski HVNL Review

Read time: 2 mins

The National Road Transport Association has welcomed the announcement of a review of the Heavy Vehicle Law reform process by former New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services head Ken Kanofski.

NatRoad CEO Warren Clark said his organisation was keen to work with Mr Kanofski and noted that the Federal Government was at pains to make the review as independent as possible.

“We wanted a root-and-branch examination of what’s a very broken process and while that hasn’t been granted, this is the next best thing,” Mr Clark said.

Mr Kanofski has been engaged through the Federal Government to provide the Infrastructure and Transport Ministers’ Meeting (ITMM)  with an assessment of:

  • Industry’s view of current jurisdictional supported reform proposals
  • Additional items that industry seeks to have addressed by the review and
  • An assessment of what can be done to resolve differences and provide a reform package that reflects the views of all stakeholders.

Additionally, the terms of reference seek his recommendations about how industry should be engaged over the balance of the review, and what other work needs to take place.

The report is due by the end of April and industry was briefed about it late last week.

“The review is  occurring in a very short time frame but we’re making sure we do all we can to deliver the views of our members,” Mr Clark said.

“HVNL reform is an important issue that’s fundamental to how our industry operates.

“Reforms that make the freight task more efficient and the roads safer must go hand-in-hand and be based on evidence.

“Unfortunately, the HVNL has become more about petty enforcement, penalties and red tape with little in the way of real reform in the pipeline.

“NatRoad’s strong view is that  that industry needs to be driving HVNL reform and not the bureaucracy and all proposals must be based on evidence and common sense.”