NSW makes changes to Grain Management Scheme

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There have been changes to the New South Wales Grain Harvest Management Scheme.

The most important is that high performance heavy vehicles that meet relevant network conditions can now travel using connecting networks beyond the first participating grain receiver.

For example, if an operator complies with the conditions of the Higher Mass Limit (HML) network and is operating at GHMS mass limits they can start their journey on the Farm Gate network, travel beyond the first practicable grain receiver on GHMS access to the HML network and then deliver to a participating grain receiver on the Farm Gate network.

This change aims to support applicable vehicles which meet the requirements of the HML network to use the GHMS to link to that network and travel to destinations beyond the closest practicable participating grain receiver.

This is not open to all heavy vehicles participating in the GHMS – operators must meet the requirements of the HML network to take advantage of this change.

Operators will no longer be required to carry a copy of the Scheme Notice in their vehicle.

The renewed Grain Harvest Management Scheme Notice 2022 was published on 19 September and remains in force for five-years. More information here.