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About St John Ambulance Australia

St John Ambulance Australia is a self-funding charity and community driven organisation that aims to be the leading provider of first aid training in Australia. They support people to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to provide first aid in homes, workplaces, schools and communities -including life-saving interventions such as CPR. St John provides a range of services to communities across all states and territories, including event health services, disaster response, patient transport (and Ambulance services in both WA and NT), and targeted health and wellbeing programs. St John Ambulance Australia also offers centralised first aid, and medica supplies, including first aid kits, defibrillators and PPE, as part of a social enterprise.

St John is part of a global movement with the purpose of relieving sickness, suffering and distress, and preserving life. Each year they deliver an estimated 1.2 million hours of voluntary community service, train 500,000 people, and provide health treatments and care to over 100,000 people. St John remain one of Australia’s most recognised and trusted charity brands, due to their high-quality care and positive impact.

Free First Aid Training

Available – anytime, anywhere.

St John and NatRoad, keeping truckies safe

St John Ambulance and the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) are working together to save lives on Australia’s roads. Two trusted organisations have together, created a new, online First Aid training program which is now available to all Truck Drivers – who are often the first on the scene in a critical road incident. Truckies are an important audience for both training and first aid kits. Most truck drivers have been a First Responder at the scene of a crash. Making their role in life-saving roadside interventions essential.   

We also encourage members to purchase one of the exclusively created Truckie First Aid kits, designed specifically with truck drivers in mind.

Through the generous support of NatRoad Platinum Partners: Ampol, Bridgestone, NTI and PACCAR and the Dealer Industry Fund – these kits are available at the reduced price of $79 from $149.

Get your kit now, using the link below and don’t forget to use your promotional code “natroad” to receive your discount.

Truckie First Aid Kit

Truckie First Aid Kits includes a diverse range of items to meet the first aid needs of truck drivers on the road.

Are you looking for F2F training?

St John Ambulances are generously offering NatRoad Members a special 10% discount on Provide First Aid (1 day) training.

Login to your NatRoad account to access your 10% discount.

This important initiative is generously sponsored by: