Research finds women motorists more truck aware than men

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NatRoad commissioned a national research project earlier this year to understand public perceptions of our industry and we will highlight some of the interesting take-outs in the newsletter from time to time.

One is that women motorists have higher awareness of trucks than men.

Some 93% of women and only 85% of men say they are aware that a truck driver may be unable to see their car when sharing the road.

Some 88% of women and 80% of men make a habit of being on the inside of a turning truck while females (85% vs 80%) show slightly higher respect for the size of a heavy vehicle.

Awareness and good behaviour on the road by Australians towards trucks is generally well understood…if not always practiced.

Where opinions do converge is the topic of the need for truck awareness being a mandatory aspect of anyone driving on our roads with 92% of men and women in support of it being part of driver education and licence testing.