Supporting injured and ill workers to return to work safely

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When it comes to supporting an ill or injured employee while managing the needs of your business, a thoughtful and proactive approach is essential. This demonstrates empathy, contributes to the overall well-being of your employees, and promotes a positive work environment.

Safe Work Australia has developed a guide to help business owners, managers, and supervisors to understand and facilitate a return-to-work process:

  • The first stage focuses on when the employee is first injured or falls ill. Swift and compassionate action during this stage can set the tone for the entire recovery process.
  • The second stage involves providing support while the employee is away from work. This includes maintaining open lines of communication, offering assistance, and ensuring the individual feels connected to the workplace.
  • The third stage is when the employee prepares to return-to-work. Proactive planning and communication between the employer and the employee can help create a smooth transition back into the work environment.
  • The fourth stage focuses on the return-to-work. This phase involves ongoing support, potential adjustments to work tasks or hours, and ensuring that the employee feels welcomed and valued.

For further details on how you can facilitate a smooth return-to-work process for your ill or injured employees, check out Safe Work Australia’s guide: Managing the Relationship with an Injured or Ill Worker during Return to Work..