Are you ready for the 3G closure?

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By Megan Duncan, Director of Global Marketing Operations, Teletrac Navman

With the increased adoption of 4G and 5G services, the use of 3G has declined globally. As such, from June 2024, Telstra will close its 3G network.

What does this mean for your business?

If you are using 3G-only devices currently, including telematics devices, you will need to transition to newer 4G and 5G devices to keep your transport operations running without a hitch.

If you haven’t already started to assess your devices, identify your needs, and set a timeline for migration, there is no better time than now. While June 2024 might seem a mile away, it’s important that you start engaging with your current telematics provider or local Teletrac Navman dealer to discuss any transition required.

What kind of devices are impacted?

In the transport industry, connected devices (including telematics systems) help you communicate with your staff, monitor safety and fatigue, ensure compliance, optimise workflow, track vehicles and assets and more.

While smartphones will be a primary concern during the 3G closure, any device that communicates via a SIM card will be affected. This means your in-vehicle technologies as part of your fleet management solution will need to be migrated.

What do you need to do?

Take stock of your 3G-only devices, then use Telstra’s calculator to plan your migration off the 3G network and calculate your run rate. For example, if you have 200 3G devices, you will need to migrate 13 devices per month, or three devices per week, before the 3G network shuts down.

Call your device providers and ask them for current timeframes – it will vary, and they can provide the most accurate estimate and support you through the process. However, you must act now for a smooth transition.

What will happen if you wait to migrate?

Given thousands of businesses across Australia will need to migrate – not just in the transport industry but across all sectors – demands on 4G and 5G-enabled tech will increase as you get closer to the cut-off date. So, there could be difficulty getting access to installation resources if these are required.

To keep the benefits of your connected devices and telematics systems, it’s best to start the migration process as early as possible.

Act now

If the 3G migration is on your radar, bring it to the forefront of your planning as we step into 2023.

Find more information on Telstra’s website or contact your Teletrac Navman Dealer.