NatRoad News: Safe partying is an employer responsibility

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The Festive Season is almost here, and so are Christmas parties.  

As we mentioned last newsletter, changes to Federal laws mean employers now have a positive obligation to make sure work-related social occasions are free of sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying. 

Here are seven ways you can ensure your business stays on the right side of the law: 

  • Have clear policies and procedures outlining the expected behaviour of employees in relation to drug and alcohol use, sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying. 
  • Ensure employees are educated about these policies and procedures by providing employees with a copy of them so they are aware of what is expected. 
  • Send a notification to remind employees that Christmas Parties are work functions and they need to behave in line with company policies. 
  • Plan for employees to get home safely at the end of the function. 
  • Make sufficient food available at the function proportionate to the quantity of alcohol available. Serve alcohol responsibly. 
  • Nominate an employee/s at a managerial level to supervise the function and confirm they know how to deal with any issues. 
  • Ensure if a complaint arises employees know who to go to, and it is dealt with promptly, with an option for it to be independently investigated if required.  

Remember, you can find Respect at Work resources here. If you need more detailed assistance, call a NatRoad Advisor on 1800 272 144 or email [email protected]