With less than 12 months until the 3G shutdown, now is the time to think about migration

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Originally published here by Megan Duncan.

Remember the iPhone 3G? When it came out in July 2008, it was a big deal. Now it’s nothing more than outdated technology or something you reminisce about. The same goes for the network the iPhone 3G operated on – it’s become superseded by 4G and 5G. As a result, Telstra has decided its 3G network is ready for closure and will shut it down in June 2024. That’s less than a year away.

3G was game-changing technology for its time, bringing the Internet and the fast transmission of data to our handheld devices. That is one of the major reasons why telematics systems adopted it as a communications method. It was suddenly possible to move data in real-time from the devices in the vehicles in the fleet, increasing visibility and safety via a birds-eye view of what was happening on the road. For its time, 3G had a whooping maximum data speed of around 3.1 megabits per second (Mbps), the equivalent of an early home broadband connection. 

Time moves on with 4G, providing ten times the speed at around 42Mbps. 5G is even more so at around 300Mbps. The higher the number, the fast the transfer of information. This bandwidth opens the door to new innovations in fleet management applications. The trick is, with the shutdown approaching fast, fleet operators will have to urgently upgrade their equipment, or risk being left without functioning telematics. This means no more real-time tracking, no more alerts, more data, and no more fleet visibility after the June 2024 cut-off date. Essentially, you’ll be back in the dark. 

Clearly, time is of the essence, which is why Teletrac Navman is here to help.

So, what do 4G and future-proofed devices offer? One of the key advantages is the bandwidth upgrade it provides – this speed opens the door to advanced telematics solutions. 4G-equipped telematics products have the ability to provide vast amounts of real-time insights into your fleet’s performance, driver behaviour, and advanced vehicle diagnostics. This opens the door to increased efficiency, safety improvements, and a boost in productivity because the technology is able to do A LOT more. 

The transition to a new solution for your fleet doesn’t need to be a hassle – so long as you plan ahead. Our professional teams will work with you to smooth the shift to our secure and future-proof platform, ensuring you and your fleet stay connected, no matter what. But keep in mind that as the deadline approaches, demand for the technology and its installation will go through the roof. The earlier you start your migration journey, the easier it will be.

At Teletrac Navman, we’re also more than just a technology provider. Our dedicated customer support, provisioning, after-sales, and customer success teams are always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless experience from implementation to ongoing support. We’ve got your back every step of the way.

With the 3G shutdown fast approaching, make the move to future-proofed technology by choosing Teletrac Navman as your fleet management partner. Experience the power of advanced telematics, seamless transitioning, optimised operations, unrivalled support, and industry-leading expertise. Together, we’ll transform the way you manage your fleet and propel your business toward success.

Find more information about the 3G shutdown on Telstra’s website.